Standard Features

The standard features listed below are found in all our single- and multi-pitched lifts. Safety is enhanced dramatically by our proprietary slack cable and overspeed braking systems, in-track wheels, and heavy duty suspension cable. In fact, every aspect of our designs — from the heavy duty motors, reducers, and bearings to the geometrically rigid supporting structure — increase safety and durability. We also offer many optional features, depending on your needs. These include everything from wireless remote control and cottage-matched wood trim to integrated lighting, automated/interlocking gates, intermediate stations, and canopies.

Structural Steel Track

Heavy Duty Rails – The major component of the tracks are two 3-inch C-channels incorporated into trussed beams. They are built in 20-foot sections in the shop then fitted and bolted together in the field.

Rock-Solid Stability – The tracks are fixed in place by a support system of all-welded legs with an inherently stable and rigid geometry. Because of this truss geometry, our footings are not required to resist torque forces.

Anchored Securely – The legs are sealed into bedrock with anchor bolts and sealing cement where possible, and by other secure footing system when bedrock is not available.

Two-Pitch Track 
Some hillsides have an upper section that is flatter than the lower section so a single-pitch track will not suffice. In 2011, we developed a two-pitch track and car to suit these conditions. The track consists of two straight sections connected by the arc of a circle. It has a pipe track with the same curve but displaced and welded to the outside of the main track. The car is connected to the dolly with a robust hinge and has outriggers with rollers that ride under the pipe track. This interaction of the car, dolly, and track keeps the car level throughout the ride. To date we've built five two-pitch lifts — lifts 41, 43, 47, 49, and 50. (Lift 49 is also a 3-station lift.)

Derail-Proof – Inclined Elevation lifts cannot derail. The car rides on a dolly that runs between two C-channels of rigid track. The main wheels, which are made of 4140 tool steel, are locked inside the track. Because of this our lifts can be used in all seasons.

Precision Built – Our goal is to build tracks that are straighter than the raw materials we begin with, ensuring the smoothest, most comfortable ride. Each 20-foot section of track is located horizontally and vertically to within 1/16 inch at the legs before being welded in position. The centre line of the car door can be set to within 1/4 inch of the target position when the car floor is flush with the station floor.

Suspension System

Incredible Durability – We now use better-than-the-industry-standard of 5/16" cable by purchasing 3/8-inch compacted wire aircraft cable manufactured in North America. In addition to having a breaking strength of over 20,600 lbs this 3/8" compacted cable is more uniform, more durable and more flexible than the cheaper off-shore cables that are often used to keep initial costs down. The compacted 5/16" cable we install as a replacement item when servicing has the same great uniformity, durability, and flexibility and a breaking strength of over 11,000 lbs.

Top-Down Suspension – Our suspension cable attaches to the top end of the car, above the centre of gravity. The car hangs below the suspension cable so the ride is inherently more stable, smoother, safer, and there is less wear on the wheels.

Main Wheels – The dolly rides on four main wheels made from 4140 tool steel and riding on heavy duty cam followers. To minimize steel-on-steel noise, we polish the channel and treat the surface with graphite.

Rider Wheels – The rider wheels run on the web of the channel and keep the dolly centred. We use solid neoprene with brass bearings for smooth running and longer wheel life.

Ultimate Safety Braking & Shut-Off

Slack Cable Braking – If the car stops when being lowered (say, by a fallen branch) the suspension cable will slacken. The automatic slack-cable emergency brake will trigger with less than an inch of slack cable. The trigger arm uses both gravity and a coil spring to drive two flame-hardened 4140 steel brake dogs into the track with progressively increasing force so the car stops within a fraction of an inch. The slack trigger arm also acts as a back-up brake, preventing the car from sliding any more than five feet down the track.

Over-Speed Braking – The typical running speed of an inclined elevator is 60 feet per minute or 0.3 meters per second. If the car exceeds 0.5 meters per second, the overspeed braking system fires, driving the brake dogs into the track. The heart of this system is an extremely precise German-made elevator governor.

Slack Cable Motor Shut-Off – All our lifts have a fail-safe mechanism that immediately stops the motor from turning the winch if the suspension cable goes slack. The car can then be safely raised so passengers can disembark.   


Variable-Speed Motors – All passenger lifts are equipped with Industrial-duty, variable-speed Nord Gear motors and reducers that accelerate smoothly to about 60 feet per minute and decelerate to a gentle stop. The motors are powered by a variable-frequency drive and seamlessly coupled to the winch drum through a hollow shaft output, industrial-duty, helical bevel-gear Nord Gear reducer running synthetic lubrication. The winch drum, reducer, and motor assembly is attached to the track through Sealmaster pillow block bearings.

Single-Speed Motors – Our cargo-only lifts are equipped with Leeson industrial-duty single-speed motors that start and stop at full speed. The motor is protected with our proprietary Safety Contactor Assembly that exceeds the CSA standard. They are powered by the same winch system as our variable-speed motors.

Winch Drum – We typically use ten-inch winch drums for a smoother ride and longer cable life.

PLC-Based Lift Control System

Intelligent Control – Safety and convenience are further enhanced because our lifts are controlled by a 
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), running our proprietary Lift Control System (LCS), the brain of the operation. Coupled with track-mounted sensors sensitive to the presence of the car, there is no better system on the market for controlling your lift.

Customized For You – The lift is turned on and off with a simple UP/DOWN/
STOP sequence coded into the station buttons or an (optional) remote controller. We can program your lift to turn itself off after a chosen period of inactivity (from minutes to days to never). Also, you can optionally use the lift controls to control dock and garden lighting. 


5 Years/2 Years – All static components (including the track and car) are guaranteed for five years. All dynamic components (including the motor, gearbox, and electrical control systems) are guaranteed for two years. This assumes that prescribed maintenance and repairs have been performed by Inclined Elevation Inc. or by a qualified company or individual approved by us. Our warranty excludes damage caused by misuse or acts of nature.

Other Standard Features

Best Electrical – We only use top-of-the-line electrical and mechanical components. Major electrical components are manufactured by Telemecanique and Schneider Electric. Our CSA approved panels are built in Midland Ontario by Walker Panels.

Fold-Up Seats – Passenger seats fold up to stay drier and increase space for cargo.


Built-In Cargo Bay – On cantilevered cars, where the car attaches to the bottom end of the dolly, we can add a storage area that's ideal for cargo. 

Quality Materials – Durable red cedar seats, floors, walls, and top rails on passenger cars are held in place with rust-proof brass screws and blind nuts. A quality stain is used to finish the cedar.

Optional Features

Interlocked Access Gate Systems – We offer many interlocked access gate options: manual and automatic with either sliding or rotating gates. Interlocked gates make sense when a station is a significant height off the ground. The rotating or sliding automatic gate systems are run by the lift control system and automatically open and close the access gates according the status of the car. All interlocks prevent the access gate from being open when the car is in station and prevent the car from moving unless the gates are locked. These systems can often be retrofitted to existing lifts. 

Wireless Remote Control – A wireless remote turns the lift on or off, controls optional track or dock lighting, and stops the lift and changes your destination. It can be operated from your car, boat, or wherever.

Flatbed Truck-Style Lift – A metal flatbed lift is simpler and is less expensive than the standard car. It will transport people and materials and is often used during cottage or boathouse construction to lower costs. We also build a cargo lift with a bucket that tips at the top station.


  • Third and even fourth stations
  • Ice scrapers to clear ice from the top of the track during winter operations
  • Integrated track, garden, dock lighting
  • Higher-capacity motors
  • Emergency backup generators
  • Stairs running alongside the track
  • Safety fences on the car for steep lifts
  • Self-closing, automatically locking car doors
  • Wood fittings on the car and machinery covers to match your cottage
  • 42-inch car walls
  • Canopy
  • Removable car walls

Note: We are always open to developing other custom options, depending on your needs.