5 Benefits of an Inclined Elevation Lift

With a scarcity of shore-level cottages, inclined lifts are becoming increasingly popular. Here are five reasons to consider one for your property.

1. Effortless Fun

Designed to last, your lift can easily convey guests, food and refreshments making dockside entertaining easier and more relaxing.  Your lift is an elegant workhorse, also able to carry building materials and other bulky supplies from the shore to your cottage.

2. Enhanced Cottage Life

Your property is valuable and you want to use it.  With a lift, all your family and friends will be able to enjoy the delights of a recreational waterfront.  A custom-designed lift will give you the convenience, ease and pleasure of shoreline cottage living. Customers frequently say, “You gave us our cottage back.”  

3. A Reason To Buy High

Steep properties have unique and desirable aspects that shoreline properties may not share. Panoramic views, more privacy, less noise and breezes to keep the bugs away. With a lift, you can enjoy a spectacular elevated location yet pay less for the property without compromising easy waterfront access.

4. More Years At the Cottage

 A lift will extend the enjoyment of your property for those with health or mobility issues when a precipitous climb may become an obstacle. 

5. Higher Property Value

A lift adds value to your property when your cottage is above the water.  A marginal property becomes, not merely viable, but exceptional with convenient waterfront access.