Benefits of an Inclined Elevation Lift

With a scarcity of shore-level cottages and aging demographics, inclined lifts are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some great reasons to consider one for your property.

Enhanced Cottage Life

Your property is valuable and you want to enjoy it.  The lift will give all your family and friends the ability to enjoy the experience of a recreational waterfront.  A custom-designed lift will give you the convenience, ease and pleasure of shoreline cottage living. One lift owner said it this way: "With the lift, all the disadvantages of living high off the water become the advantages of living high off the water."

Effortless Entertaining

Built to run, built to last, your lift will carry you, your family, and your guests, as well and food and drink, between your different elevations, making dockside living and entertaining easier and more relaxing. 

Endless Utility

Your lift is also a workhorse that can also move serious amounts of materials up and down your hillside, was used to carry 56 metric tons of sand a gravel up the hill for a new septic bed, another was built to bring an old cottage up the hill and a new one down.

A Reason To Buy High

Steep properties have unique and desirable aspects that shoreline properties may not share such as panoramic views, greater privacy, less noise, fresh breezes that keep the bugs away, and, often, lower purchase prices because of the access issues. With a lift, you can enjoy a spectacular elevated location and still get easy waterfront access. As one lift owner said, with the lift "The disadvantages of being high up off the water have become the advantages of being high up off the water."

More Years At the Cottage

 A lift will extend the enjoyment of your property for those with health or mobility issues when a long frequent climb can become an obstacle. 

Higher Property Value

A lift adds value and sale-ability to your property when your cottage is above the water.  A marginal property can become not merely viable, but exceptional, once it has convenient waterfront access. 

Smaller Footprint

The track support structures have a footprint of only 1 to 8 sq. ft. for each 20' section of track. This is much less than required by flights of stairs separated by landing platforms. The track also lets lots of light through, so vegetation can continue growing underneath the track. This is particularly important on sandy hillsides where the vegetation adds stability to the slope.